How do we consistently earn 5 stars?

Every decision we make is driven by our dedication to supporting clients through these pivotal moments in life. Here are a few distinctive features that separate us:

Exclusive Buyer Cash Back Promo

This is an easy one - when you buy a home or property with us, We are happy to provide a buyer appreciation cash-back rebate on closing. It's our way of showing genuine appreciation for entrusting us with your real estate journey.

Competitive Seller Rates

Your financial prosperity is of paramount importance to us. Our unwavering commitment revolves around offering clients competitive rates, ensuring you leverage every opportunity to maximize your equity. We are dedicated to optimizing your returns while maintaining a vigilant eye on costs. Explore our Sellers page for comprehensive information on associated costs.

Dedicated Support

If you've tuned into HGTV or come across enticing ads from For Sale By Owner companies or flashy PropTech startups, you might think buying or selling a property is a breeze. However, the reality is far from simple. Navigating the complexities of real estate transactions can leave you feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. It's a fear shared by both sellers and buyers, yet many still fall for the allure of slick marketing.

But fear not. With us by your side, you'll never have to face the challenges alone. Your interests will always come first in every decision we make. Rest assured, your affairs are in expert hands—a priceless reassurance that we offer at competitive rates.

From the initial consultation to the final closing, we provide dedicated support every step of the way. Your questions, concerns, and needs are our top priority.

Tailored Approach

Your real estate journey is unique, and we treat it as such. We tailor our services to match your specific needs, ensuring that you receive personalized solutions that work best for you.

Proven Track Record

Harris Homes & Co. is a name you can trust. We have consistently delivered results and exceeded expectations, earning us a reputation for excellence.

Customized Solutions

Our approach is simple yet effective, blending sincere support, budget-friendly strategies, and thorough guidance at every step. We approach each task with care, guaranteeing a confident, detail-oriented experience.

Dreams + Strategy = Achievable Goals

Central to our expertise is the skill to sift through the "noise" and zero in on what genuinely matters: you, your goals, and even the aspirations you may be just starting to envision. We recognize that these "dreams" can remain unfulfilled wishes without a well-thought-out strategic plan.

Our mission is to guide you in making decisions that resonate with your aspirations. Whether it's buying, selling, embarking on renovations, or exploring investments, we are here to empower you with the knowledge needed to take meaningful steps.

Even if you're just beginning to explore the possibilities within your vision, the transformative potential is amazing when paired with a well-thought-out strategy.

Sellers: Unlock the Potential of Your Home

Avoiding flashy sales pitches, we specialize in creating practical and effective marketing strategies for your property, all while providing high-value services at a lower cost. Our no-nonsense approach ensures that your home stands out to discerning buyers who appreciate its true value. Schedule a consultation now to explore how we can make your home stand out while maximizing equity.

Buyer's - Your Dream Home Awaits

Experience a personalized service for buyers, transforming your dream home from a vision into reality. Our seasoned experts expertly navigate the buying process, whether you prefer a turn-key solution or a home with planned renovations. Benefit from our insights, personalized guidance, and a seamless journey from start to finish. Uncover your dream home or investment property with Harris Homes.

Exclusive Investment Opportunities

We open doors to wealth building and investment possibilities designed with your real-world goals in mind. Experience a level of personalization that's grounded, aligning your financial aspirations with a solid investment profile. Secure your financial future – explore exclusive investment options with Harris Homes today.

Effortless Leasing Experiences

Leasing with Harris Homes is more than just finding a space; it's about creating a hassle-free, tailored experience. Benefit from our dedicated support to transition into your new home or business smoothly. Connect with us to enjoy a leasing process that puts your needs first, making every move a practical success. Explore leasing options with Harris Homes.

Senior Living Transitions

Harris Homes recognizes that relocating as a senior, be it downsizing or transitioning to senior living, is a significant life event demanding special care and attention. Often, it involves leaving a family home of 30-40 years or more, steeped in cherished memories. Our tailored plans are meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs, ensuring a comfortable and seamless move. This is the point where exceptional agents distinguish themselves from the merely "good," and where their impact is truly felt. Embark on your journey with the support and care you deserve – contact us today.

Corporate Relocation Services

Turn your move into a streamlined adventure with our relocation service. We understand that the company sets the parameters and additional steps in the process. Most importantly, we guarantee you find a fantastic home and offer virtual showings, enabling buyers to make sight-unseen purchases due to location restrictions.

If you're moving away, let us take care of everything on this side and connect you with an experienced agent at your destination. Whether you're arriving or departing, you'll enjoy a seamless transition guided by professionals who prioritize your needs and make the process as convenient as possible. Make your relocation stress-free – contact us to embark on this journey.

Strategic Renovation Guidance

When contemplating renovations as part of a purchase, whether for personal use or investment in purpose-built multi-family homes or buildings, Harris Homes emerges as your pragmatic partner to propel things forward. Our expert guidance paves the way for your vision, assisting with contractor selection, scrutinizing plans and costs, navigating the permit process, and ensuring overall project alignment with your timeline and budget. Jumpstart your renovation journey with Harris Homes – where your dreams are equipped with a strategic plan to transform them into achievable goals. Schedule a consultation today and witness your vision come to life.

Meet Geoff

Our Neighbourhood Realty Inc., Broker

Geoff is the driving force behind Harris Homes

A testament to his entrepreneurial grit, Geoff's journey started early, hustling to transform his neighbors' lawns into the envy of the neighbourhood during his teens. And before his twenties, he had already carved out success with a successful computer business, selling PC's and supporting his clients with their computer needs in the 90's. Throughout his ventures, Geoff's unwavering commitment to excellence and delivering results has been his hallmark.

During high school, Geoff didn't just stick to one job. He balanced two at local restaurants along with continuing to sell computers and cut lawns professionally, inadvertently discovering a passion for food, customer service, and entrepreneurship. This passion only grew stronger over time, and with his education and background in Business and Tech, Geoff transitioned into Client Service Management in the tech sector, and after several contracts, landed at IBM spending over a decade in various client management and leadership roles. But despite his success in tech, real estate always held a special place in Geoff's heart. Alongside his tech career, he immersed himself in renovation projects, buying and selling personally, and honing his skills and deepening his interest in all aspects of real estate.

In 2018, Geoff made the leap to forming his own practice, driven by a desire to leverage his expertise in client service and support, which has allowed him to stand out. He recognized the challenges posed by the abundance of agents in the area and aimed to provide unparalleled detail and support to his clients. His dedication paid off, earning him the coveted Rookie of the Year award in his first year, in a testament to his commitment to client satisfaction.

Geoff's expertise spans beyond real estate transactions and technology, encompassing hands-on involvement in renovation projects. These include personal renovations and upgrades, investment property enhancements, property conversions, multi-family legalization, and flip projects. His extensive knowledge of construction, general contractors, trades, and permits underscores his experience and versatility. Combining this high level of service, attention to detail, and negotiation prowess with his experience in building and renovating across diverse contexts, Geoff offers unparalleled value to his clients. His willingness to roll up his sleeves and confront challenges head-on reflects his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results.

At Harris Homes, Geoff combines professionalism with a practical approach focused on mutual support. Through creative problem-solving and a commitment to exceeding expectations, he strives to achieve the best outcomes for his clients, ensuring a memorable experience every step of the way.

Expertise as a Broker

Geoff stands out in Ontario's competitive real estate scene, where less than 10% of agents have a Broker license—a distinction he has earned, showcasing his dedication to ongoing learning. While the field is known for its easy entry, Geoff places great importance on knowledge. With years of experience, he has gone beyond the basic requirements to deepen his understanding of Real Estate Law, Mortgages & Lending, Property Management, Multi-Family Investments, Brokerage Operations, Seller Representation, and Negotiation.

Committed to growth, Geoff stays updated on market trends, ensuring he's well-informed about the changing real estate landscape. This dedication makes him a respected leader in his team and brokerage, setting a high standard for excellence.

As both a Broker and REALTOR®, Geoff is a member of essential real estate associations like the Canadian Real Estate Association, Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, and Central Lakes Association of Realtors. Drawing on his strong background in business, client service, negotiation, and project management, Geoff provides high-quality service and expertise to his clients with professionalism and skill.

Proud Community Supporter

Geoff, along with the entire Harris Homes group and all those who work or subcontract with us, is dedicated to enhancing the community. This commitment is evident through our support for local hockey teams such as the Whitby Wildcats and Oshawa Generals, and our advocacy for small businesses and entrepreneurship. Your community is our community, and we are fully aligned and invested in making it better in every conceivable way.

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