Why Invest In Property?

Changing Financial Landscape

In today's dynamic landscape, traditional pensions are increasingly uncommon. Property investment, recognized as a stable and high-returning venture, has emerges as a crucial alternative for retirement savings. Beyond long-term security, it presents opportunities for accelerated wealth-building, offering a faster path to financial independence.

Unique Path to Financial Security

Property investment, if done properly, offers a unique path to retire comfortably, maintain a good lifestyle, and cover significant expenses such as your or your child's education, among various other costly events throughout your life.

Owning investment properties becomes a path to real financial freedom and wealth building for generations, and goes beyond typical investments.

Tailored Property Portfolio for Long-Term Goals

Our main focus is helping you create a property portfolio aligned with your long-term financial goals.

Guidance for Single and Multi-Family Homes

We provide ready-to-go properties for single and multi-family homes, offering guidance on handymen, contractors, property management, and daily rental operations.

Expertise Across Property Types

We extend expertise to commercial and condominium properties, along with referrals for renovations and transforming single-family homes into multi-family units.

Exceeding Financial Goals

With our assistance, witness your financial goals not just met but exceeded.

Liberating Financial Freedom:

In Geoff's opinion, true financial freedom is achieved when your money works for you, liberating you from working solely for money.

Uncover Exciting Possibilities

Contact us today to explore the benefits of owning investment properties and let me guide you toward your financial goals for a prosperous future.

Buying or Selling an investment property is a strategic move that impacts your financial goals. Partner with us for a successful journey through the world of property investing.  Contact us today to discuss your investment property needs and to learn more how our expertise can drive your success.

Buying an Investment Property

Rest assured, with my strategic guidance, you can seamlessly navigate the purchase of turn-key properties or embark on the journey of buying and renovating, knowing that I'm by your side every step of the way.

I offer renovation support on a consulting basis, aiding in contractor selection, serving as a liaison, assisting with permits, and conducting regular site visits to ensure the success of your project. Whether you opt for a turn-key approach or choose to invest in a purpose built renovation, my goal is to make the process hassle-free and ensure your investment venture thrives.

In either scenario, I'll connect you with seasoned property managers and other essential services, making property investment a seamless and cost-effective avenue for building wealth. Let's embark on this journey together and turn your property investment goals into a reality!

Selling an Investment Property

Looking to confidently sell your investment property and get the best results? My focus is on making the process smooth and as least impacting to you as possible. If you're thinking of divesting one or a number of properties in your portfolio, I can help you fill in the blanks on some of the data you'll need to make an analysis and arrive at a decision one way or the other.

Key Offerings:

Get Noticed: Selling investment properties requires the right exposure. I use my investor network, modern marketing, and online platforms to showcase your property effectively. With attractive listings and targeted promotions, we highlight your property's strengths, attracting serious investors.

Optimize Results: I'm committed to helping you get the highest return on your investment. I use pricing strategies that optimize results and appeal to value-conscious buyers. I offer a listing experience tailored to investors, with flexible commission rates to meet your goals.

Expertise in Sales: I specialize in selling investment properties, whether occupied or vacant. Handling tenanted properties, I balance showings and tenant privacy with finesse. My dedication ensures a smooth process with clear communication. I guide you through every step for a professional, transparent, and successful experience.

Commission Guarantee: I guarantee exceptional service and value. If you find a lower commission rate from an investment-focused agent, I'll match it while upholding the outstanding service that sets me apart. With experience and affiliations in the industry, our services offer unmatched expertise, resources, and reach.

Why Choose Harris Homes to Sell Your Investment Property?

 Property Specialists   Tenant-Friendly Approach  Outstanding Exposure  Strategic Pricing

Are you eager to dive into property investment but find yourself unsure of where to begin? Are you a veteran looking to add or remove from your portfolio? In my role as your investment property advisor, I'll steer you through a myriad of investment opportunities, ranging from turn-key to the transformation of single-family homes into lucrative multi-family dwellings. 

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