Enhance your property's value and expand its exposure with our focus on value, flexibility, and transparency. Experience less stress as we manage everything from home preparation to paperwork, negotiations, and ongoing support through closing and beyond. Trust us with your home sale, so you can concentrate on your next exciting venture.


1. What sets us apart?

At the core is the trust and satisfaction of our clients, with a majority whom we get to know through a referral. The gratification in serving repeat and referred clients underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional service and consistent results. Our approach prioritizes efficiency, and a commitment to keeping costs and disruptions to your life streamlined, all while ensuring maximum value for you.

Being backed by a reputable brokerage significantly enhances the value of the services we provide. Choosing us to sell your home means more than selecting an agent; you're getting a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience and a proven track record of success. Your success is the driving force behind everything we do.

2. Will your listing be visible on MLS® and realtor.ca?

Your property will be given the utmost exposure and marketing attention. This includes its prominent listing on MLS® and widespread syndication on numerous websites. What's more, my focus extends to social advertising, and I take pride in personally showcasing your property through both physical and virtual tours, attended by GTA agents representing eager buyers genuinely intrigued by your property. This holistic strategy effectively draws in motivated buyers from diverse channels, including international ones within the extensive network.

3. How much does it cost?

Experience a departure from the 6% commission rates of the past with my Full Service Listing. Benefit from a competitive commission ranging from 3.5-4% total when purchasing in the same transaction, and a competitive 4.5-5% total when selling alone.

This ensures notable cost savings while maintaining an exceptional service standard. Supported by a reputable GTA brokerage, my comprehensive service listing assures reliability. In contrast to newer ventures with attractive low list-side rates or flat fees, often later revealing higher total fees and requiring substantial client effort, my dedication remains unwavering. I am here for you at every step, ensuring a trustworthy experience through what is undoubtedly a complex process, providing unwavering support and superior service.

In essence, my approach goes beyond transactions; it establishes a collaborative partnership prioritizing your financial well-being throughout the real estate journey.

4. Are there any upfront fees?

No upfront fees are necessary. If you opt to make updates before selling, there may be associated costs; however, I am ready to assist by coordinating with contractors and handymen and deferring those expenses to the closing. My primary objective is to prepare your home or property for the market, ensuring a seamless process and minimal hassle for you.

5. Do you offer staging? 

Staging is entirely optional. Opting to list with us grants you access to my highly skilled in-house Property Presentation Specialist, Stephanie, who offers a completely complimentary, friendly and informative consultation. At the very least, she consistently recommends decluttering and depersonalizing, actions proven to significantly enhance the property's overall appeal. Stephanie can also provide guidance on paint colours, furniture placement, recommended light fixtures, and other enhancements.

Additionally, we have a reputable third-party stager available for clients who may wish to utilize their services for a reasonable cost, covering needs like furniture, pictures, lighting, etc. We can also coordinate with contractors and handymen, deferring those costs and other staging expenses to be settled upon closing.

While staging can undoubtedly elevate your property's presentation, it's important to note that not every property necessitates this step.

We will thoughtfully assess the most effective approach to showcase your property, making it stand out to potential buyers.

6. Will I be tied to a contract?

While the Listing Agreement is a contract that outlines our commitment to selling your home, I also value flexibility.  If circumstances change, there are options to suspend or cancel the listing.

7. Do you offer a free home evaluation?

Absolutely! I offer a comprehensive in-home or on-site evaluation which will allow me to best assess your property's unique features and potential. I'll strategize effectively for a successful sale, and if you're planning to move in 3-6 months, reach out for optimal planning. I can provide referrals to contractors, handymen, painters, and more if needed. About two weeks before the live listing date, we'll schedule photos and pre-marketing for a smooth process. While more notice is appreciated, I can handle last-minute situations too. Get started by contacting me today!

8. Will other agents show my listings?

Without question. With our advanced app-based booking system, Broker Bay, agents can book showings with ease and we can seamlessly manage these internally. We will also keep you in the loop through text-based messaging. I encourage buyer agents to provide feedback, and I collaborate directly with them following all showings.

9. Is your approach effective?

My approach to selling your property challenges conventional wisdom. I prioritize your end profits over just the selling price. No flashy promises, no gimmicks. Instead, I rely on the expertise of buyers' agents and skillful negotiations to ensure you receive the highest and best offer with favourable terms. My efficient and effective methods will help you maximize your equity, allowing you to pursue your next dream home or any other plans you have in mind. Experience a smarter way to sell and secure your financial future with me.

10. What does "Full Services" mean?

Experience better value and nothing less than comprehensive real estate services and support. From listing your property on MLS® and other top websites to professional photography, effective advertising, and managing showings, offers and documentation - I've got you covered. Experienced negotiation, prompt communication, and seamless collaboration with buyer's agents. Sit back, relax, and trust me to handle every aspect for you!

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